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Most Wanted



If you have information on any of these suspects please call 911or contact Capt. Vicky Steed 770 830 5917 or email

William Avant Daniels

Armed Robbery (2 Counts), Aggravated Assault (2 Counts), Terroristic Threats and Acts (2 Counts), Wearing Mask, Hood, Or Device which conceals Identity or Wearer
Age: 57
Bremen, Ga.

Tourae Dominique Mack

Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault (3 Counts)
Age: 26
Brunswick, Ga.

Amanda Leigh Holmes

Aggravated Assault
Villa Rica, Ga
Age: 41

Wilfredo Bonilla

Aggravated Assault FVA, Burglary
Age: 38
Carrollton, Ga.

Derrick L Murphy

Aggravated Stalking FVA
Age: 50
Powder Springs, Ga.

Corey Eugene Harris

Violation Sex Offender Registry
Age: 42
Villa Rica, Ga.

Stephen Palmer

Cruelty to Children (2 Counts), Battery, Simple Battery
Age: 35
Villa Rica, Ga

Jacob Lee James Barkwell

VGCSA, Theft by Receiving, Possession Firearm or Knife Commission Felony, Possession Firearm by Convicted Felon
Bremen, Ga.
Age: 34