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Community Programs

Sheriff's Youth Camp

The Sheriff's Youth Camp is a program instituted by Sheriff Terry Langley to create educational activities for youths aging from 7 to 12 years.

The Children spend the week participating in educational activities that are designed to teach them about the law enforcement and public service career fields while providing fun filled activities.

Sheriff Langley is committed to building community partnerships. The Sheriff's Youth Camp is designed to build partnerships with children and their families by exposing this "at risk" age group to skills that will benefit their futures either by entering the law enforcement career field or through learning positive leadership skills and being active in the community. Children are the future to the world and they are most impressionable when they are young and as they enter their teenage years. By educating them on leadership, team work, and being active in the community Sheriff's Langley's Youth Camp can help to protect our children and our future.

If you would like more information on the Sheriff's Youth Camp, please email

Citizen's Academy

What is a Citizens' Academy?

The Citizens' Academy is a group of Carroll County Citizens who are interested in learning more about how their Sheriff's Office operates and the Law Enforcement challenges our county faces. Participants in each session commit to meeting for three hours one night per week, for eight weeks, to learn about each aspect of the office.

What is the purpose of the Citizens' Academy?

The purpose of the Carroll County Sheriff's Citizens' Academy is to develop positive relations between Law Enforcement and community through education. The goals are to create a growing nucleus of responsible, well-informed citizens who have the potential of influencing public opinions about police practices and services. Citizens will gain an appreciation of the problems and challenges facing law enforcement and have an opportunity to offer comments and ideas regarding solutions.

Who instructs the Academy?

Instructors are officers and personnel from the department who speak on their areas of expertise, as well as specialized guest speakers.

How are participants selected?

Participants must be residents of Carroll County, business owners in town, or otherwise have a vested interest in the County. Participants will be chosen at the discretion of the Sheriff and will represent a cross section of the community.

What subjects are covered?

  • Youth Issues
  • Firearms Policies / Use of Force
  • Patrol Division
  • It Search & Seizure / Laws of Arrest
  • Department Tour
  • Observer Ride-along with Officers
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Gang Problems
  • Motor Vehicle Enforcement
  • Communications Division
  • Items of interest to participants

These are just a few of the subjects covered.

How do I apply?

Complete and send the attached application.

You will be notified if you are selected to participate in the next Academy. There is no fee.

Citizen Academy Application

Sex Offender Registry

On Friday, September 7, 2007, Sheriff Terry Langley and the Carroll County Sheriff's Office revealed their new Sex Offender Registry and Email Notification System through a partnership with and their program called Offender Watch.

Two of the biggest assets of the program are that it will allow for easier access to registered sex offenders through the internet and an email notification system.

Internet Access
By going to and clicking on the sex offender link, citizens can now simply type in any Carroll County address to see where registered Offenders and Predators live within a one-mile radius of any address they select. A map showing a two-mile diameter circle will appear designating the residential location of each offender/predator. By scrolling to the bottom of the page, citizens can match the number of the offender within the circle with a name and address. If a citizen wants more information, they can simply click on the individuals name and get the information. Users can also search larger geographic regions of Carroll County.

Email Notifications
After clicking on the website users may click on the sex offender link and then click "get email alerts" and sign up (at not cost) to receive email alerts advising of sexual offenders and predators moving into their area.

R.A.D. Systems

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. The R.A.D. System is a comprehensive, women-only course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training.

R.A.D. is not a Martial Arts program. Our courses are taught by nationally certified R.A.D. Instructors and provide each student with a workbook/reference manual. This manual outlines the entire Physical Defense Program for reference and continuous personal growth, and is the key to our free lifetime return and practice policy for R.A.D. graduates.

The R.A.D. class is a two day class from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (12 hours total). The Carroll County Sheriff's Office has taught the R.A.D. method for several years. Those who are unfamiliar with RAD, it is a self-defense class for women only.

*******The next two-day R.A.D. class (Rape Aggression Defense System) is pending on dates in October of 2018.

Email us now to sign up or call 770-830-5916 and ask to speak with Jackson Lawrence.

For more information information about the RAD program please visit the RAD Systems Website

Hunter Safety Education

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is a proud partner is offering the Georgia Hunter Safety Education Program. Residents and non-residents born on or after January 1, 1961 must successfully complete a hunter education course prior to purchasing a season hunting license.

Two types of courses are offered: Internet / CD ROM or the full course. For the Internet Course visit / . After completing the entire course, you must print out an affidavit and attend a proctored test. The CD-ROM disc may be obtained at the Carroll County Sheriff's Office. The full course is offered at various times throughout the year. To find a class click here or view our community calendar for local offerings.


For more information regarding the Hunter Safety Education program please visit their website at

For more information concerning local classes, please contact the Training Division at 770-830-5916 or contact us at

All Hunter Education courses have been moved to the below address on the same dates due to continued scheduling conflicts at the Sheriff's Office. All equipment and supplies will be kept at the Parks and Recreation Center in a secure closet.

The Carrollton Parks and Recreation Center located at 118 South White Street, Carrollton, Ga.

ADAP - Alcohol Drug & Awareness Program

All teenagers under the age of 18 must complete and pass the Georgia Alcohol Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) in order to receive their Class D driver's license. The ADAP course is a four-hour program taught over two evenings and the student will need to attend both evening sessions. You should bring something to write with, a workbook will be provided, a photo ID or birth certificate is required. Students will be required to pass a written exam at the end of the class. The test is given at the end of the second evening's class and those who pass with a score of 70 or higher will be given a certificate at that time.

Pre-Registration is not required. The class will be offered to the first 40 students.

For more information click here to visit Web site.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer.

Sponsored by the National Sheriffs' Association (NSA), Neighborhood Watch can trace its roots back to the days of colonial settlements, when night watchmen patrolled the streets. The modern version of Neighborhood Watch was developed in response to requests from sheriffs and police chiefs who were looking for a crime prevention program that would involve citizens and address an increasing number of burglaries.

Launched in 1972, Neighborhood Watch counts on citizens to organize themselves and work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities, while demonstrating their presence at all times of day and night. (The program took off quickly: in just ten years, NSA data showed that 12 percent of the population was involved in a Neighborhood Watch.) Neighborhood Watch works because it reduces opportunities for crime to occur; it doesn't rely on altering or changing the criminal's behavior or motivation.

For more information please contact 770-830-5916 or email or visit

Citizen's Firearm Safety Class

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office offers a class that teaches the citizen's about firearm safety. These classes are offered on Saturdays. Also, in the class current Georgia State Law and safety tips about firearms will be discussed.

If you are interested in one of the classes, then please sign up with the form that will be provided below. The classes are limited to 12 people per class for safety purposes. These classes are for the citizen's that are of the age 21 and higher. Included in the training will be classroom time, and range time. On the range you will get to shoot at least 25 rounds of ammunition to enable the firearms instructors to teach proper safety techniques.

When finished filling out the Class Form, please send the form to Sgt. Corey Allen; contact information below. Upon filing out the information on the forms, more information will be sent to you about class dates and times.

Contact Sgt. Corey Allen 770-830-5916

CITIZENS Firearms Safety Application Form